Monday, 10 October 2011

Why was this blog started?

Over the past 6 months we have been renovating a typical Brussels house. We have learned a lot through this process about...

- old type of windows from the early 20th century (and how to renovate them in a way that both the glass and the frame give the impression of being original!)
- cement tiles and how to renovate them in a way they can regain their original colours
- wooden floors and how they look like after you sand and oil them
- "3D wallpapers" and who can repare them
- sustainability options (soral hot water IS possible in Brussels!)
- subsidy options (for respecting and renovating the facade/upgrading the insolation/ installing solar-panels)

I decided to start this blog to share our "know-how", because some of the infos were quite difficult to obtain and others we had to figure out ourselves. I hope it will enable others to renovate their houses in a similar spirit: respecting the original features and with an environmentally conscious attitude.

Enjoy reading and good luck with your renovation!

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